The Insidious Doktor Mayhem
Erik Tricity
Lord Thrapston Flagellator

Doktor Mayhem complements the sonic barrage with all the rock pomposity and fret noodling of all the greatest lead guitarists. Combine this wth a love of fire, and you get an evil genius who just might be able to burn your planet.

Erik Tricity donned in KISS-esqe greasepaint, has merged all the best hypnotic aspects of dance music with all the crunch and power of some (if not all!) of the best rock and metal acts of our time.

Lord Thrapston Flagellator provides a cool mix of slap/funk bass guitar with simple throbbing basslines to add oomph to the searing synth lines peppering the music.

Fusing electronic beats, coursing synthesizers, chugging guitars, pounding basslines and vocals with tongues firmly in cheeks, METALTECH have stunned and entertained audiences throughout the UK over the past 3 years


Metaltech have supported big name bands including Monster Magnet, KMFDM, Marionette, Angelspit, Psydoll, Alec Empire, Dope Stars Inc. and others, and headLined countless venues. They have played at the Rockness, Wickerman, Belladrum, Orkney and Alba Industrial Music festivals in Scotland, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Club Antichrist (one of London's largest fetish clubs!) and even appeared in a nationwide TV advertising campaign.


With nominations in 2011 for both the Scottish New Music Awards and the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, these lunatics are tapping into something which appeals to old rockers, goths, techno and industrial fans alike.


With 2 EP's and an album released, and another album underway, the 'Tech always deliver hard rocking gigs. Go see them - you won't regret it.

© The Insidious Doktor Mayhem

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