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if you’ve seen them before, you’ll know what we’re listening to. They don’t have any new songs to promote, they’re just here celebrating being a thing for ten years. For the newbies, in a nutshell, Metaltech mix the cocky strut of Kiss with the industrial thud of Rammstein backed by what I am told are ‘banging techno beats’ from Gunter the laptop. If it helps, they freely cite Cubanate as one of their major influences. The only face we can see belongs to Erik, grease-paint white with Metaltech’s trademark orange flashes. The mostly immobile Lord Flagellator hides behind a cyberpunk gasmask affair, the Doktor behind a genuinely spooky blank-faced doll mask, festooned with orange tendrils. Otherwise, they’re all black ’n’ orange-leather and studs. and boots you could kick down a wall with.



When the venue’s PA is high-jacked by the sound of sirens and Metaltech take the stage clad in black and orange neon, gas masks, face paint and LED lights, the uninitiated might be forgiven that they’ve stumbled into an unforgiving sector of Mega City One...


Metaltech has been carving a niche for themselves with a string of shows including slots supporting acts such as Monster Magnet, Je$us Loves Amerika and Japan’s Psydoll in addition to two EPs  and a full-length album (with another on the way) to date. While Metaltech’s grafting of rock guitar and electronic beats will certainly be familiar and hit the pleasure centers of many industrial fans, their sense of showmanship is becoming somewhat legendary...


Cyberpunks looking for something a little darker will find something to appreciate in a Metaltech set beyond the visual too, with songs like  Phenomenal turning the slogan for Scottish soft-drink Irn-Bru into a declaration of lust, or the joking-not-joking environmental nihilism of Burn Your Fucking Planet. Seeing Metaltech live, there seems to be a tacit knowledge that while the World is a messed up place, not taking time out to dance isn’t going to make it any better.



I actually struggled for a bit to find a suitable place that did not involve being dragged into the mosh pit that started pretty much as soon as the band kicked off.

But not only did the sound that came from these guys get my feet a stomping, I was thrown into an outstanding performance that pretty much blew my mind away. Their stage presence was awesome and the tunes just kept on coming. Dressed up like something that can only be described as a modern day electronic KISS in orange, these guys, for want of a better word, rocked… My introduction to CyBer Punk / Electro Metal had me smiling and in a very happy place.

Jill for Flares n Seagulls


If clothing chain Cyberdog would appoint a house band to promote their futuristic neon club-wear, then the privilege ought to go to Metaltech – an out of this world glam industrial rock band... Although the band have been going for several years, it’s 2014 that’s set to catapult them to stratospheric heights. Nominees of various Scottish music awards, regular players at festivals including Belladrum and Wickerman, and special guests at London fetish night Club Antichrist… there is no doubt that Metaltech leave an impression wherever they play...

Claudia A for Music-News.com


Metaltech are a risky band to have as support because there's a pretty strong chance that they're going to steal the show from you. Dressed in black leather and white and orange masks and make-up their set features glowsticks, audience-participation party poppers, flaming guitars and bubble guns, but take away the theatrics and you're still left with a quality selection of energetic industrial rock songs. They're loud, charismatic and just plain fun. 

David Lees for Livesonicshocks.com



...Brilliantly dovetail ultra-cool dancefloor movers and killer metal...Hammering rhythms, throbbing basslines, sharp overdriven guitars rage benath cuting vocals, while socially tuned lyrics compete a very 21st Century package.

Keith Ames for The Musician



I'm not alone in yearning for days gone by when the end credits of just about every movie had a Gravity Kills or Sister Machine Gun belting out while you grabbed your coat, and METALTECH totally nail that '90s 'industrimetal' sound to a tee while upping the ante. Riffing distorted guitars, slap funk bass, drum machines and bubbling electronics are the building blocks for this electropunk-pop that brings to mind Powerman 5000 brawling with Stabbing Westward or My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult mugging Machines of Loving Grace. But wait, I haven't mentioned that Metaltech prowl around the stage in full white and orange Kiss-style make-up (!) and don the kind of futureglam threads Sigue Sigue Sputnik would drool over. Best. Scottish. Industrial. Band. Ever. Infest 2013



They could simply mount an assault with their electro-rock thunder; the rhythms are elementally virulent like a knee high pile of brimstone and the sharp instrumentation rains down on you like the spears of Xerxes.

The METALTECH guys don’t just want to brute force their way into multi-national success, however, they want to cover audiences with a blended sludge of beer, confetti and face paint. That blend was a huge hit at Belladrum Tartan Heart 2011.

And insanity is exactly what these guys deliver. You can hear it in their debut LP Burn Your Planet, and you can see it in the eyes of their adoring fan base. Performing on a combine harvestor painted jet black, METALTECH made their second performance at Belladrum one to remember.

For hard-rocking harbringers of the apocalypse, they have a very concise plan:

“World domination, some power drinking and a second album in the new year.”

Nick Mendez on SonicBids



I have yet to see a band who are so little like their contemporaries as Metaltech are to the rest of the Scottish industrial and metal scene. There's no pretension to them; they're just pure rock and roll attitude.  - Erik must go through at least four different sets of vocal chords across the width of the album. 

Brutal Resonance



Looking like a cross between Kiss, Slipknot and Sique Sique Sputnik, MetalTech mix dance rhythms with crunching guitars and Jesus Jones- style distorted vocals. It's fantastic. 

Daily Record



... an obvious knack for knocking out extremely danceable industrial, the kind of music that you couldn’t stop your head rhythmically swaying to even if you wanted, and then filling in the gaps with abundant 80’s-style guitar lines: simple, uncomplicated, melodic. 

The Skinny


Hailing from Scotland, METALTECH'S white and orange, Kiss-style makeup (looking liked they'd been forced to drink way too much Irn-Bru), Sigue Sigue Sputnik-like wardrobe and three guitar lineup suggested to me that I wasn't likely to be very partial. They do the industrial guitar crossover thing that was prevalent in the 90s. And they do it in style. In spite of appearances, one cannot fault the standard of songwriting and the quality of musicianship on display.
I don't usually take to bands that do their thing either with tongue firmly in cheek or play it for outright laughs. However, METALTECH'S presentational trappings were just those. A canny cluster of performance shananigans they use too; ensuring that once seen they're not forgotten. Even the deployment of party poppers and glow sticks into the audience and then 'shooting' the already busy crowd with bubble guns(!) only served to endear the band to the always up for it Infest revellers. The perfect act to open a three-day festival like this, instantly putting everyone in the partying mood and getting the energy levels up. 

Rob Dyer, DSO Audio


FINALLY a band that put fun into Scotland's music scene. Erik Tricity veers from the languid vocals of The Jesus and Mary Chain to Slipknot's throaty growl

Daily Record



...mix of electronic beats blended with distorted guitars and a voice which sometimes reminded me of Rob Zombie...

Guaranteed to make you dance, drink and chant along to the choruses! … and to want to destroy this planet! Think Orange! Think MetalTech! 


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